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"Turning The Tables"
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Aerial Frame Duet
Tanya Scully & Helen Von der Waydbrink

“Turning The Tables” is an exciting and poetic fusion of physical theatre, aerial and dance. Rich and layered with images, the piece is performed on and around a suspended metal frame.
The frame becomes a metaphor, a barometer, for the complex and intimate relationship between two people who share space and time together.
Ultimately the piece exposes the risk and reliance between the two, bringing a relationship to life and exploring the slow ways in which it might die.
Directed by Brenda Waite
(Additional direction by Rob Tannion)

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” C G Jung

Premiered at
“Circus Futures National Circus Showcase”
UK Oct 06

Colorado “Extraordinary Dance Festival”
USA July 08

“Spectrum” Circomedia UK Sept 08

“An intriguing and sensual duet”
Lucy Ribchester. Venue Magazine Sept 08

Duration: 10 minutes
Soundtrack: CD format

Rigging requirements: . Two rigging points to carry a minimum of 1 tonne safe working load / 600 kilos. Two rig points approx. 75cm apart.

Minimum height to rig points: 6.5 metres
(Sight lines should be to full 6.5 metres)

Floor and air space required: 4 metres squared. The centre of the rigging points taken as centre of the square.
Lighting: Details available on request